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Serious need of duas/wazifas?

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  • Serious need of duas/wazifas?

    o Alaikum !!

    I am a young Sunni girl and I like a boy for 4 years. He likes me very much too. Recently he introduced me to his family and I have been talking to them almost everyday !! His elder brother's marriage was arranged. While I was talking to his sister in law, she told me that his parents are thinking of doing his marriage within the family. He wants to marry me and so do I. But he is afraid to talk to his parents about it now. He is waiting for his job and until he's on his feet, he won't take any step. Can anyone please suggest me any dua or wazifa for both of us so that his mother and father by the command of Almighty Allah, think of me as his bride? And please remember me in your prayers !! I've been crying and praying for 4 years for him and Alhamdolillah by the grace of Almighty Allah he started liking me as well ! I have set one thing in my mind that In Shaa Allah if we get married, I will go and perform Umrah, as a thank you to Allah Almighty !! Please help me.. !!