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  • pray for me izzath

    A person who was my best friend has become my enemy now without telling me the valid reason,
    i am really worried because i am a girl and he is a boy so i am very worried about what he will do next. now ihave changed totally and started to follow islam and pray namaz.
    but i am trying hard to change his mind and making soft corner in his heart for me and requesting A lot to him but all in vain.
    I have done many wazeefas and prayers but i can see any result till now.
    I am very very afraiud about my izzath now. Please pray for me.

    If any one of you have sound islamic knowladge and can understand my situation and wants to help me by advicing some prayer or he/she can do istikhara for me please contact me at

    i will explain everything in mail So please Do pray A lot for me and help me by mail or any thing you can.

    PS: i know i was wrong but i have left all and want to become a true muslim girl now So plz pray for me.

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    DIL ko MOOM karnay ka wazefa agar kissi ko maloom hai to plz btana


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      assalmaoalikum sis

      it happens girls always make mistake
      falling in love with wrong boy
      den they balck mail u sis be careful
      our parents love us alot
      why don't we give this duty to them that we can have peaceful lives ...and can be away form bad things
      wait for the right time sis ..couples are made on sky who ever is made for u he will knock ur door
      shitan always forces us to do bad things and to indulge in bad activities

      falling in love with some one is not bad
      bc after all we are human but indulging in bad activities this is wrong

      pray from Allah subhanwataala for u
      میں نےجو کیا وہ برا کیا،میں نے خود کو خود ہی تباہ کیا

      جو تجھے پسند ہو میرے رب،مجھے اس ادا کی تلاش ہے


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        i will pray for you sis


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          Insha Allah everything will be fyn sis trust Allah u take one step towards Allah Allah will take ten towards u and Insha Allah will help u and protect u. I will do dua
          “The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears.”


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            As-salaamualaikum sister,

            I'll inshaallaah pray for you. Sister, Inshaallaah a class is going to be conducted online on Ahadiths in which inshaallaah Hadiths and Quranic Verses (only translation) will be read in this class. Inshaallaah Hadiths will be read for only half an hour (30 mins) from a book of collection of Sahih Hadith called ' Muntakhab Ahadith ' compiled by Maulana Mohammad Yusuf Kandhalvi (Rahmatullahalaih) (His Biography - Hazratjee Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Kandhlavi; Second Ameer of Tableeghi Jamaat (RA) ). Inshaallaah The class will start sharp at 9PM IST and Inshaallaah I'll start reading Hadith after 5 mins from the starting time of the Class (9PM IST) giving time to students for wazu if they haven't done it and for if more people are joining the class they can hear it from the start. But be punctual. Inshaallaah, I will also be in the class on time. Newly reverted Muslims and All Muslims are preferable. Please try and be in the state of Wazu (ablution) before listening. Please try & join so that Inshaallaah we'll get to know little more about Islam. This class is to know more about Islam and why we should implement. Try & Invite your friends too if possible. If you have friends on Facebook or on Wiziq then it'll be easier for you to invite them at once. Inshaallaah if any one starts implementing on the Hadiths which is being read in the class then inshaallaah that person will surely get the reward but inshaallaah the one who invited that person will also get the same reward. So, if possible invite as many Muslims (consider Reverted Muslims Specially) as possible. Please supplicate(pray) for all of the Muslims Hidayat, cause after all Hidayat is in the hands of ALLAH Subhaanawa Ta'aala. Jazaakallah khair for taking your precious time in reading.

            Inshaallaah Such Classes will be conducted everyday.
            For more information on the classes please visit the below links

            Class on 4th January,2011 - Hadith Online Class by Abdul Rahman

            Class on 5th January,2011 - Hadith Online Class by Abdul Rahman

            And for future class please visit this Profile (Abdul Rahman: Basic Mathematics Teacher, HYDERABAD - India) and check under " Upcoming Classes by Abdul ".And if you've missed any class or would like to watch previous classes then you can watch under " Recorded classes by Abdul " on the same Profile Page.

            Probably sister this may be a kind of ALLAH's way to get you on track. I mean ALLAH loves you and HE doesn't like you or anybody going away from HIS Path. So, sometimes a person falls in any kind of trouble so that he/she can turn to ALLAH ask for forgiveness and help.

            I'd like to tell you about one wazifah. Before that I'll tell you what happened with me. Not an exact similar story but some what similar to yours. I was a first year student in graduation. And i was very scared of ragging. On top of that there was a huge gang of bad guys in my college. On my very first day i was ragged and asked to do simple thing which for me was embarrassing. But now i realize that it wasn't that And i couldn't do that task. I there and then after reaching home complained to the office staff and this issue got BIG. I then realized that i shouldn't have done that. And my seniors got to know about that complaint i made regarding one senior. And a group of guys were about to do something to me. But I didn't know when. That is what i thought cause i was scared to death. I wasn't religious but use to attend Islamic lectures. And i didn't had beard on my face. I never use to keep my beard. I was going bad also during that time. And i Felt during that time that probably ALLAH didn't like it. And around that time i watched an Islamic program. And they were giving a wazifah to somebody which suited me. Alhamdulillaah. They asked to read ' Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem ' 2000 times every day. Those are ALLAH's two attributes or names. And they said inshaallaah ALLAH will soften the hearts of who ever will meet you. And Alhamdulillaah things went smooth. I was still scared But i wasn't realizing that things were getting smooth cause i was scared. And Alhamdulillaah nothing happened. Alhamdulillaah, I was also growing my beard so that they can have mercy and not hit a religious And Alhamdulillaah now I have a beard to the size of fist and trying to follow Islam. And i can without a doubt say that I'm happy in following Islam. So, you do the same and Inshaallaah ALLAH will help you. Reply with your current condition and how are things going. Jazaakallah khair.

            ALLAH HAFIZ.


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              And also one more thing, while reciting that wazifah, keep those people in mind whose hearts you want should be softened. Inshaallaah everything will be ok. But keep following Islam sister.


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                salam sister, my advise to you is dont be afraid with people, you dont have to answer to anybody except ALLAH ALONE, just make
                sincer tauba to Allah, inshallah you will be clear of any sin and he will take care of all your problems, the more you are scared of
                people,they will scare you more,Allah's plesure should matter to you. DONT worry carry you life and try to follow islam, all the best
                my dua is for you


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                  My sister, it is more important that you go with Islamic way, what ever he do, ignore them,, you just need to offer your prayer, and read Quran, and be in tough with Deen and islam more.. Every thing will go fine INSHALLAH.. I WILL PRAY FOR YOU INSHALLAH...
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