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  • Sahih Muslim -Complete Hadith App

    Sahih Muslim is authentic Hadith collection. Sahih Muslim is compiled by imam Muslim .There is also an app Sahih Muslim. Which provide complete list of Hadith of Holly Prophet (PBUH). Sahih Muslim is best app for those who are willing to learn the knowledge of Hadith. You don’t have to carry heavy books just download Sahih Muslim app in your Smartphone and read Hadith any time and any place. Achieve extra benefit by ALLAH (SWT) by learning and sharing Sunnah.


    • Learn Hadith from authentic source.
    • Verify any Hadith if you have any confusion.
    • Learn daily something new from Sunnah of holly prophet (PBUH) by using daily Hadith reminder feature.
    • All Hadith are in English so that maximum people can learn.
    • Relate daily life matter with Sunnah of Holly Prophet (PBUH).
    • You can search any Hadith inside the app. you can search through word or reference.
    • If you like any Hadith and you want to use them in future you can do it by add to favorite feature.
    • You can use Hadith for future reference.
    • You can customize theme by changing font size, color and background color.
    • While reading any Hadith you can navigate from forward and backward by using navigation feature.