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    An Islamic app developed by ‘QuranReading’ academy designed for providing home based Quranic solutions or cure to various diseases or disorders. The app is easy to use sports various great features which are discussed below:


    -Body parts

    After the splash screen of the app, you are welcomed by a screen which displays the various body parts or joints which are most prone to diseases and ailments. These body parts/joints are displayed in the form of squares across the screen.


    Tapping on any of the buttons will display you a list of the diseases or disorders pertaining to that body part. Tap any one of them and you’ll be taken to a screen containing three tabs.

    -The three tabs
    The three tabs are ‘symptoms’, ‘dhikr’ and ‘cure’. The first one tells you of the symptoms of that disorder, ‘dhikr’ tells you of the verses of Quran that one should recite while suffering such disease while the ‘cure’ tab tells the homemade remedies to them. By reciting the verses in ‘dhikr’, you will achieve sawab and blessing of Allah for remembering Him in such hard times.

    -Ayat-e-shifa and references

    Swipe to the right and you’ll see buton by this name. This will contain six ayahs (verses) from the Quran which serve as supplications to Allah in such hard times. There is also a reference tab which informs you of the sources of the verses and quotes used in this app.

    Download and install this beneficial Islamic app to cure yourself from disorders using easy and convenient Islamic methods.
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