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Glimpse Of Noor-Nubuwat.

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  • Glimpse Of Noor-Nubuwat.

    As-Salaam alaikum,
    In ayat 122 of Surat Al-Anaam of the Holy Qur'an (6:122), Allah Ta'ala says:--

    "Can he who was dead, to whom We gave life, and a light whereby he
    can walk amongst men, be like him who is in the depths of darkness,
    from which he can never come out?"

    In Faza'il-e-Aamal, Sheikh Zakariya while commenting on this ayat, observed that the person mentioned first therein is a good, faithful man whose soul is illuminated with the Noor (Light) of love and cognition of Allah Ta'ala.

    The other person mentioned in the ayat is devoid of these. This kind of Noor referred to in this ayat is infact a great blessing of Allah. The Holy Prophet, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, used to pray to Allah to receive this Noor in all aspects of his life, as evidenced in this Hadith related by Abdullah Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him, used to pray:--

    "O Allah, fill my heart with Noor, and fill my eyes with it, and my ears. And put (this) Noor on my right and my left.
    Below, on top of me and ahead of me. Make this Noor a (source of) big light for me." (Bukhari, Vol. 3- Hadith 1243).

    it is this Noor which brings blessings of Allah in all human acts. Pious deeds reflect this Noor as these are lifted to the Heavens; the same Noor will be reflected from the faces of the believers.... the faithful on the Day of Judgement.