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  • That is it!!

    As-Salaam alaikum,
    The most revolutionary statement on earth, LA ILAHA ILLALLAHU, MUHAMMADUR-RASULULLAHI, discerns between the Real and the Unreal, or between the Absolute and the relative, or between Allah and everything other than Allah, which is the universe.

    The Kalimat - Shahada is divided into 2 halves, the negation (LA-ILAHA) and the affirmation (ILLALLAHU). The first half denies the inherent reality of the world and the self while the second half affirms the ultimacy of the Divine Reality.
    The Shahada means that there is no creator but Allah, none Merciful but Allah, none knowing but Allah. In sum, it means that there is no reality but Allah Ta'ala.... and that all the so - called realities are secondary and derivative.

    Says the Holy Qur'an : "EVERYTHING IS PERISHING BUT HIS FACE" (28:88).

    Here,Allah Ta'ala did not say: "Will Perish", for He wanted it known that the existence of all things is perishing in His Being today. Only those veiled from the reality of things post pone the observance of this until tomorrow.

    Allah's Reality is such that nothing can stand up to it, His Unique possession of all that is real and all that provides reality to others means that the others are in fact non existent. This is how our teachers interpret the saying of the Messenger of Allah, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, "Allah was, and nothing was with Him".

    And by saying /affirming 'MUHAMMAD RASULULLAH'.. we say and believe that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, he is a clear, designated manifestation of the One Real. In other words, he represents Allah more directly than other creatures. He and the Qur'an for which he is the vehicle are guiding lights in the darkness of unreal things.