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The Mercy and the Forgiveness shown by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) towards Non-Muslims

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  • The Mercy and the Forgiveness shown by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) towards Non-Muslims

    Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran that: “We have sent you as a mercy for all the worlds.” (Quran, 21:107)

    There were lot of enemies of Holy Prophet (PBUH) who spent their entire life in creating problem and miseries in his way of teaching Islam. It is clearly mentioned in the Holy Quran that how Holy Prophet (PBUH) tolerated all the miseries which were given by his enemies during the teachings of Islam but he (PBUH) never took revenge from them and forgave them all. Hazrat Ayesha (R.A) said that Holy Prophet (PBUH) never took revenge from anyone, never returned evil against evil, but he would always forgive them.

    For the preaching of Islam, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) went to the city of Ta’if and offered them to accept the religion of Allah Almighty. But the leaders of Ta’if rejected to accept Islam and stirred up some gangs of the town to harm him (PBUH). They followed Holy Prophet (PBUH) shouting at him, abusing him and even started throwing stones on him until he (PBUH) became injured. Even at that situation, Holy Prophet (PBUH) did not say anything wrong to them and prayed for them in these words:

    “O Allah Almighty, to You I complain of my weakness, lack of resources and humiliation before these people. You are the Most Merciful, the Lord of the weak and my Master. To whom will You consign me? To one estranged, bearing ill will, or an enemy given power over me? If You do not assign me any worth, I care not, for Your favor is abundant upon me. I seek refuge in the light of Your countenance by which all darkness is dispelled and every affair of this world and the next is set right, lest Thy anger should descend upon me or Your displeasure light upon me. I need only Your pleasure and satisfaction for only You enable me to do good and evade the evil. There is no power and no might but You.”

    Allah Almighty sent angel for seeking the permission of Holy Prophet (PBUH) to join the two hills and destroy the city of Ta’if. But the Messenger of Allah Almighty, Holy Prophet (PBUH) showed mercy towards them and replied in these words:

    “No! For, I hope that God will bring forth from their loins people who will worship God alone, associating nothing with Him.” (Saheeh Muslim)

    In the end, one can say that the mercy and compassion are the two greatest qualities of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). When Holy Prophet (PBUH) started to spread the message of Allah Almighty all around the Arab, most of the people and the leaders of different tribe became his (PBUH) enemy and never left any chance to harm him (PBUH). But in response, he (PBUH) never said anything wrong about them, he always showed tolerance and mercy towards them and forgave them all.

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