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Allah is Al-Qudoos (the Most Holy One)

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  • Allah is Al-Qudoos (the Most Holy One)

    He is the Most Holy in His Sublimity, and glorified is His praise and great are His favours.. "He is Allah, other than whom there is no deity, the Sovereign, the Pure, the Perfection" (Al-Hashr: 23).
    He is Glorified with all sublime glorifications, the Most Holy, the Lord of all of the angels and of angel Jibreel. Glorified is Al-Malik (the King, the Ruler), Al-Qudoos (the Most Holy One).
    "Al-Qudoos (the Most Holy One), Al-Salaam (the Source of Peace, the Perfect One)"… He is Glorified and Sublime over having any defective attributes and over being similar to any of His creation. He is Perfect in His Attributes and nothing is even close to His Perfection.
    He is Allah, Al-Qudoos (the Most Holy One):
    He is the Most Holy and the Most Pure, free of any defect and of any attribute that does not befit Him the Exalted.
    "He is Al-Qudoos” (the Most Holy One)
    To Him belongs the Most Perfect Attributes of Beauty and Glory. He is free of any defects or fault. There is nothing like unto Him and there is nothing equal to Him. There is no perfection above His, and no one and nothing are able to have attributes which are anywhere near to the Perfection of His Names and Attributes.
    "He is Al-Qudoos” (the Most Holy One)
    He is sanctified by hearts and in Him they place all their wishes. He is sanctified by tongues which mention Him all the time.
    "He is Al-Qudoos” (the Most Holy One)
    To Him belong all blessings, bestowals, favours and praise. From Him comes blessings and to Him they ascend. He is the source of blessings for His slaves in their sustenance and growth.
    source: islamkingdom
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