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Open Letter To Fuqara'u

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  • Open Letter To Fuqara'u

    If you are like me, a Faqeer who is spiritually poor and needy,{ then} this letter is for you. Know that we do not but posses a single heart, and as stated in the hadith, surely the hearts rust like iron rusts and surely Imaan (faith) dwindles in quality just as new clothes become old or worn out. In another hadith:--Everything has a polish and the heart's polish is Zikrullah ( remembering Allah or reciting supplications to Him). Normally, the heart can only have one direction...thus Zulmah ( spiritual darkness following committing sins) and Noor ( spiritual radiance following Tafakkur and Ihsaan) can never unite within a heart. Thus our Masters wondered how can a heart shine with the Noor of Imaan and Ihsaan, worshipping Allah in a manner involving realisation of your being's witnessing Allah during such worship, wjen forms of spiritual darkness is imprinted into the heart's mirror. The 2 opposites cannot ever Allah says, ''Allah had not placed for any person two hearts within his interior''.
    2. In view of this, we must leave the creation and turn towards the creator, Allah Subnahu Wa Ta'ala....we need to shift from negligence to wakefulness..discard the soul's desires and fulfil His rights. One would even venture to say we should shift from Yaqeen to Haqqul Yaqeen, for our Masters tell us that when the heart enters Allah's Presence and attains familiarity and closeness with Him, its moments are (then) filled with Divine gifts and Anwaar/ spiritual radiance and ecstasy.
    3. May we all be recipients of Allah's taufiq and Mercies, ameen

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    Jub Dam-e-wapasi ho Ya-Allah
    Samne ho Jalwa-e-Mustafa
    Lub pe Ho