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Free of charge Holy oil, Holy Water

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  • Free of charge Holy oil, Holy Water

    Free of charge Holy oil, Holy Water

    1. Do you feel like fear with some creative imagine as yourself?Always feeling bad nightmare / dream!

    a)Do you feel in your dream you feel fell down from the high levelor snakes, scorpion, dogs, cats from the above any of one chasing (following) you?
    b)Do you feel always you feel like gloom (1),bleakness (2) or depress, not hoping with any incidents?

    2. Do you have any human disease which doctor cannot able to treat it?
    3. Do you feel always Indisposes from your house, wife, children, family or Job?
    4. Did you feel you are intelligent in business? After studying each and everything in the business you applied everything but your final result will loss!

    So we are providing you free of chargeholy oil and holy water. If you are in UAE you can get it from the below Address.

    Albalag book shop
    TEL O4 3948881
    Opposite Al safa Park, Beside union co –operative society.

    Instruction – How to Use

    ( Holy oil )

    1. Holy oil which you are taking from us it is very pure and fresh olive oil
    2. We advice you to purchase 1 bottle of olive oil from the market.
    3. Take our holy oil and drop / Mix with market olive oil (now the whole oil become mixed holy oil)
    4. Every night you have to apply the holy oil in your body.
    5. Eating salad (vegetable Mix) - mix it and use.
    6. To take 2 eating spoon of mixed holy oil before you sleep in night.

    (Holy Water)

    1. We are delivery to you many sheets which it is written in Arabic.
    2. The letters written with the contents of (saffron with rose water)
    3. Take 1 sheet only and put in 1& half bottle of water
    4. After half hour shake the bottle 1 time.
    5. You can drink water from this bottle whole day.
    6. Use this water for Massah.(3)
    7. if the first bottle of water finished – which you prepared as per above instruction please prepare with the second sheet with the new bottle of water as per above making instruction.


    (1) Gloom - sad and benighted place.
    For example – Actually the sky is white colour, but you feel it is gray color.
    (2) Bleakness – Depress & not hoping
    (3) (Massah - applying water in face, hand)