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Can Women Lead Jumah Prayer In Islam?

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  • Can Women Lead Jumah Prayer In Islam?

    Living in the coastal area of United States I have to face problems regarding the Quran teachings about the discrimination of men and men women. There are not many Muslims residing in the area I live in. therefore the pressure of the non Muslims questions is far more then I would face living in a Muslim country. It is thought that woman is not inferior to man.

    For certain positions when the Shari'ah constrains to men or women, it does not signify discrimination. Here the laws of Islam are designed as such that it matches the nature of a person. On the Question of Quran and Sunnah we find that this is not discrimination rather it is the law that is set for both the genders for their betterment in this world.

    Here what we can find in the Sunnah about equality of men and women:

    Prophet (PBUH) used to visit Umm Waraqa in her own home; he appointed a Mu'adhin (one who calls the adhan for Prayer) for her, and ordered her to lead the members of her household (in Prayer)." Umm Waraqah-as stated in the sources-was an esteemed woman of Al-Ansar who had memorized the Quran. 'Abdul-Rahman Ibn Khalid, the narrator of the Hadith, further states: "I happened to see her Mu'adhin, who was a person advanced in age."

    Here is the complete article: Can women lead jumah prayer?