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Olive Oil Drink Unlike Any Other

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  • Olive Oil Drink Unlike Any Other

    Olive Oil Drink Unlike Any Other
    Only those who have tried olive oil can truly knows its advantages. It has strong affect on the "Jin"(1), the capacity to remove any magic work, soothes (2) the patient's mood after the Jin has controlled him/her and has started the fires in his/her stomach and the infections in the colon (3)

    Olive oil will relax the patient and calm him down after his illness and will fix
    what the magic has ruined.

    It will help the patient with regaining his/her energy so that he/she will be able to continue with the Curing process.
    Oh injury by magic or

    Please follow the coming steps and by the Will of God you will see a major improvement

    Bring a jar of olive oil and pour it inside a wide bowl on the table

    Sit and relax on a chair and start reading the Ruqia inside the bowl with your mouth very close to it

    Read surat Al Fatiha 7 times and after your done each time blow (4) inside the bowl

    Read Ayat( Verse) al kursee 3 times and after completing each time blow inside the bowl

    Read Surat Al Nas, Surat Al Falaq, Surat Al Ikhlas each three times and blow inside the bowl after each separate reading

    Read this Dua and blow in the bowl

    O Lord, Creator of all mankind remove the illness for no one can remove it except You

    Blow in the Oil

    O Lord cure me from all magic and the touch of Satin (5) and from all evil eyes

    Blow in the Oil

    O Lord break all the spells that are in my stomach and chest and entire body

    Blow in the Oil

    O Lord there is no cure like Your cure, cure of all evil eyes and magic

    Blow in the Oil


    If you suffer from pain in your chest because of any magic or
    evil eye

    O Lord of all Mankind cure from the pain in my chest

    O Lord there is no cure like Yours, a permanent one

    O Lord with Your power remove this pain in my chest

    Change the Dua according to the position of the pain

    And then return the olive oil inside the jar it was in . And for the first week drink from it 1/4 of a finjan
    You might experience some

    Headache, pain or burn in the stomach, nausea, exhaustion or some weakness of laziness, spinning head
    After the third day you will notice that the headache has dissappeared and you can focus more. And if you suffered from any constipation (6) it will dissappear

    Second week

    Drink 1/4 of a finjan of olive oil after breakfast and 1/4 of a fingan after lunch and 1/2 a finjan after dinner

    And continue at that rate for a week
    Pay attention to what your body rids of during this period
    Do you feel any improvement from the first week?
    If yes
    Thank the Lord

    Third Week
    Drink 1/4 of finjan of olive oil after breakfast and 1/4 of a fingan after lunch, and an entire fingan after dinner
    You will see an improvement from the 1st and 2nd week
    Thank the Lord
    And in Ramadan drink 1/2 of a fingan of olive oil after breaking your fast by 3 or 4 hours
    Meanings: -
    (1) Jin – In Muslim legend, a spirit often capable of assuming human or animal form and exercising supernatural influence over people.
    (2) Soothes - calm, ease, or comfort.
    (3) Colon - the portion of the digestive tract that is posterior to the stomach
    (4) Blow - a sudden, hard stroke
    (5) Satin - of or like satin; smooth; glossy.
    (6) Constipation - a state of slowing down, sluggishness, or inactivity