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    Patience Is Half Of Iman!

    It is important that we have real Iman in Allah as our Rabb, the one who knows what is good for us, and the Day of Judgment. That is why patience is called half of Iman.

    Chapter 47 Surah Muhammad

    So patiently persevere: for verily the promise of Allah is true: nor let those shake thy firmness, who have (themselves) no certainty of faith. [Verse:60]

    We have the examples of Bilaal (RA), Sumayya (RA), Khubaib (RA) and other companions who displayed not only supernatural endurance to immense suffering but joy while in the middle of torture.

    How Could It Be That They Were Happy
    While Others Around Them Were Crying Over Their Pain?

    We can only understand it if we have experienced even a moment of reality of Iman where everything in this life becomes meaningless and the only thing that matters is making Allah happy. These people had reached a level where they were already living in the hereafter and they weighed every situation according to its significance in the afterlife. In this state when a calamity strikes, the person thinks not of the calamity but the One who allowed this calamity to happen and the reward that is waiting.

    Prophet Muhammad Saw Promised...
    No Tiredness, Exhaustion, Worry, Grief, Distress Or Harm
    Befalls A Believer In This World,
    Not Even A Thorn That Pricks Him,
    But Allah Expiates Some Of His Sins Thereby.
    [Sahih Al-Bukhari And Muslim]

    Which believer would not rather suffer harm in this transitory world rather than face punishment in the hereafter? Therefore, any calamity is a source of blessing for the believer who is concerned about his afterlife.

    This Absolute Belief Generates Calmness In The Heart
    Which Makes The Trial Not Only More Bearable
    For The Sufferer And Those Around Him,
    But It Also Enhances The Beauty Of The Bearer!

    If a person is in love with someone and the beloved does something that is unpleasant or inconvenient, the person displays patience and even at that time tries not to hurt his beloved’s feelings by complaining. This is the case with believer who is also constantly concerned about making his beloved, Allah SWT, happy... who caused a misfortune to happen to him.

    What Comparison Can We Make
    Between A Human Being Bound To Make Mistakes
    And The Orchestrator Of The World
    Who Loves Us Seventy Times More Than Our Own Mothers?

    He doesn’t want to hurt us, only elevate us spiritually by cutting our hearts’ ties with this world. This trust and love is what gives the patience its real beauty; and this mystical beauty is confounding to anyone but another believer.

    Allah Is The One Who Has Created Us
    With Emotions And Feelings,
    And He Knows That It Is Not Easy To Be Patient
    Over The Loss Of A Loved One Or A Dear Object...

    This is why, Allah has promised immense rewards and re-unification with the loved ones in the hereafter. Not only that, one can reach such high levels as being a wali or friend of Allah based on his Iman and patience, that he can intercede on behalf of his loved ones who might be sentenced for punishment in hellfire.

    By: Ahmed Moait