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Our final Destination is the grave!

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  • Our final Destination is the grave!

    Therefore, [O Believer,]
    Endure All Adversity With Goodly Patience:
    Behold, Men Look Upon That [Reckoning]
    As Something Far Away–but, We See It As Near!

    Allah is consoling His prophet and the believers saying that things that appear far to people are in reality very near which is the Day of Judgment when all matters will be reflected and settled in their true light.

    Allah is telling us that this life is like a blink of an eye compared to the hereafter so it is really the afterlife that deserves our attention and not the fleeting occurrences of this world. If we remember the hereafter, we forget our calamities but if we forget the hereafter then the calamities seem massive and it is hard to be patient.

    We Can Compare The Afterlife To The Destination Of A Traveler;
    If The Traveler Is Excited About Reaching His Destination,
    The Traveling Hardships Appear Insignificant.
    But If He Is Dreading His Destination,
    Every Moment And Experience On The Way Seems Unbearable.

    If we have Iman in the hereafter and trust in Allah who is the orchestrator of our lives, then we will be able to demonstrate the beautiful patience that Allah expects from believers; but if we lose the faith and trust, we will lose the patience as well. This needs to apply not only in our relationship with Allah but our day to day ventures as well.

    When We Think With Our Minds Instead Of Trusting
    The One Who Ordained The Situations, The All-wise And Just Allah,
    We Become Weak And Lose Control Of Ourselves;
    But If We Trust In Allah,
    Then He Will Grant Us The Ability
    To Handle Whatever Allah Sends Our Way.

    “Wondrous Are The Believer’s Affairs.
    For Him There Is Good In All His Affairs,
    And This Is So Only For The Believer.
    When Something Pleasing Happens To Him,
    He Is Grateful, And That Is Good For Him;
    And When Something Displeasing Happens To Him,
    He Is Patient, And That Is Good For Him.”