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    ” Bismillah alhumdullilah was salatu wa salamu ‘ala rasollillah”

    O Allah bless us with strong emaan, taqwa, piety, pure heart and good manners.

    O Allah bless us with beneficial knowledge and help us to act upon it.

    O Allah forgive all our sins, the hidden, the open, the big and the small, the ones done of ignorance and the ones done out of evil intent.

    O Allah keep us safe from the hell fire, the torment of grave and the terror of Day of Judgment.

    O Allah guide us to the straight path and give us istiqamah.

    O Allah make us amongst the , sadiqeen, sabiqeen, mu’mineen, mutawakkaleen, muttaqeen and mutaqarrebeen.

    O Allah remove from us all the hardships, difficulties, anxiety, depression and sadness of this world and the akhirah. O Allah increase us in sabr and perseverance.

    O Allah help those who wants to memorize Qur’an and let them complete the hifz within two years.

    O Allah heal us from all kinds of diseases and grant complete healing to all the sick around the world.

    O Allah bless our unmarried brothers and sisters with the righteous and loving spouses.

    O Allah bless us with righteous daughters and sons and make them leaders of the mutaqeen.

    O Allah make us strong against evil and make our nafs righteous and make our will power stronger to repel the evil deeds. O Allah do not raise us as a MUFLIS on the day of Qayamah.

    O Allah help us, our parents, our spouses and our children to perform 5 daily in time with khushoo.

    O Allah bless us with the knowledge of Qur’an and help us to understand it and implement its teachings. O Allah make us among the people of Qur’an.

    O Allah make our best day the day we meet You and our last words La ilaha ilallah. O Allah take us from this world when we are in highest in our Imaan.

    O Allah grant us the best character, softness of speech, and gentleness.

    O Allah provide us with halah rizq, put blessings in our businesses and keep us safe from haram.

    O Allah grant us Jannatul Firdous and make it easy for us to achieve it.

    O Allah protect us and our children from evil of Shaytan and evil of our ownsleves.

    O Allah grant us the best in this life and the next. And make all our intentions to seek Your pleasure first and foremost. O Allah accept our good deeds and efforts.

    O Allah remove from our hearts all types of hatred, malice, jealousy, pride, anger, envy, miserliness, and all the other disease of the hearts and replace it with love, joy, contentment, sincerity, compassion and steadfastness.

    O Allah help all our brothers and sisters around the world in difficulty and help us to help them. O Allah remove all the sorrow and sadness faced by them and increase them in patience.

    O Allah grant our hearts whatever it desires on condition that it pleases you.

    O Allah make all our task and affairs easy for us and remove all the obstacles.

    O Allah protect us and our children from jealousy, magic and evil eye.

    O Allah help us to forgive those who hurt us and wronged us and transgressed us and forgive us if we have hurt others, wronged others and transgressed others.

    O Allah remove all the financial burdens from us and free us from debts and interest.

    O Allah give us the words to reach the hearts of people and turn their hearts towards YOU.

    O Allah give us the opportunity and means to perform Hajj and Umrah this year.

    O Allah forgive our parents, relatives and those who passed away. O Allah have mercy on our parents and grant them patience and strength to go through any test or trials they may have.

    O Allah make us sadqa jariya for our parents and teachers and make our children sadqa jariya for us.

    O Allah grant us good health, abundance of wealth and excellent memory. And bless our time and make it productive.

    O Allah make all the matters in our business, jobs and studies successful and make them easy for us. O Allah protect us from evil and envious hearts of men and the shayateen.

    O Allah make us a leader in this dunya so that we be just and help others by providing with meaningful jobs and an enriching environment to work.

    O Allah unite all the children with their parents and make them coolness of their eyes.

    O Allah have mercy upon each and every Muslim in this world and keep us on the straight path, the path on which our beloved Prophet sallallahu alaihe wassallam has tread his entire life. This path which he moulded for us with his beautiful teachings.

    O Allah! Lord of the seven heavens and Lord of the great Throne, suffice us in every difficulty and solve them, as You desire and wherever You desire.

    May Peace and Blessing be upon the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alaihe wassallam.

    Amen Ya Rabbal Aa lameen.
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