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  • I wish I was there...

    I wish I was there, with you my Prophet
    and your truthfull Sahabah, living in your time
    and seeing the rise of Muslims and our Ummah.
    My heart is dreaming, that it was there with you
    looking the faces of first Muslims, oh Allah I think
    how their faces were radiant and covered with light.

    I see you fighting in the first roads, all Sahabahs
    standing next to each other, Oh Allah I think
    how they were strong only, with soft hearts,
    figting every single moment for Islaam,
    giving their lifes.

    I wish I was there, with my sister Asmaa Bint Abu Bakr,
    who runed fast and without any fear, bringing food
    and water to Muslims for the sake of Allah Only.

    I wish I was there to hear first Adhan on Earth, and
    beautiful Bilals voice praising Allah. Oh Allah,
    I wish I heared his words „ Ahad, Ahad“,
    „ Oh Mushriqeen, „Allah is One „ Allah is One“

    I wish I could see first saydah and hear first takbeers,
    there where my Prophet was standing and behind
    him first Muslims praying, doing tawaf, reciting Quraan,
    raising their voices up to the arsh of Allah, praising
    The Only God.Oh Allah, how many times my soul
    prayed for the same...

    I wish that I was there only for one moment,
    to feel the misk of my Prophet, that stayed after him,
    and it is everywhere, over rivers, golden deserts
    and long vallies and everything beautiful that it stayed
    after him.Oh my Allah, I wish I saw all that beauty.

    I wish I was there with first Mujahids, leaving everything
    for our deen, those whom Allah mention and remember,
    those whom Allah called the best generations of Muslims.
    Oh Allah, I wish I was there to see their smiles, of my
    Prophet and his friend Abu Bakr,who trembeled like
    A twig when praying our of fear of Allah, and
    to see smiles of Umar, Osman and Ali.Oh Allah, If I was there
    only to see those who shade their blood so
    that I am a Muslim now.

    My dear ALLAH when I loose hope, Help me to remember that, your love is greater than my disappointments & your plans For my life are better than my dreams..