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Adab al-Suluk (Treatise On Spiritual Way Faring).

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  • Adab al-Suluk (Treatise On Spiritual Way Faring).

    As-Salaam alaikum,
    Before death comes calling, it is imperative that we do NOT delay embarking on that imperative journey towards Allah, Jallah Wa 'alaa.... in view of Ayat 56 of Surat Zariyati of the Holy Qur'an (51:56), in which Allah Ta'ala says:-

    "And I did not create the Human kind and Jinn, except that they should
    know [worship] Me."

    Given this situation, find hereby attached a brief but incisive submission by Sheikh Najm al-deen Kubra, titled: 'Adab al-Suluk (a Treatise on Spiritual Wayfaring)' for your perusal and use. Among others, it addresses what we should do on/in this spiritual journey to Ultimate Reality, what we should expect to meet/see on the journey and many more wonders on soul nourishment... quite enjoyable piece of work it is!!
    Best Wishes.

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