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How to Increase Metabolism?

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  • rabz
    jazak allah thankyou sis for telllin us dis infomation

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    jazakAllah sis

    its very important to plan our meal

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  • Naqshbandi

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  • expert
    started a topic How to Increase Metabolism?

    How to Increase Metabolism?

    Following are few diet tips to speed up your metabolism and lose weight.

    1.Eat Breakfast:

    To increase metabolism, always eat breakfast in the morning. Break-fast...break the fast. Don't skip breakfast. If you wait until mid morning or afternoon to eat, your metabolism will run slower. Think of breakfast as adding logs to the fireplace. Your metabolism is the fireplace and logs are the breakfast.
    2. More Small Meals:

    Increase metabolism by eating smaller meals through the day. Eat 4 to 6 six small meals, 2 to 3 hours apart.
    3. Eat Energy Fields:

    Don't depend on herbal products to increase metabolism or energy level. Any metabolic increase will be minimum and herbs are not cheap. Instead, include more energy foods such as whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruits.
    4. Easy Exercise:

    Park further away and walk. Use the stairs instead of the elevator when possible. Walk to the post office instead of getting into the car. Take your dog on a daily walk. Do more activities around the house to burn energy instead of wasting money on pills and potions that don't work.
    5. Weekly Exercise:

    Incorporate a walking routine to increase metabolism at least three to four times a week. Walk 30 to 40 minutes each time. This is the best way to increase your metabolism.
    6. Don't Starve Yourself:
    Don't starve yourself when trying to lose weight. This will slow down your metabolism in a hurry. Avoid 5 to 6 hour gaps between meals without eating.
    7. Plan Your Meals

    Be committed to eating smaller meals at regular intervals. Prepare food in advance and bring it with you. Never eat sporadically and plan each meal. The common mistake is to skip meals and eat too little during the day. This makes you vulnerable for eating junk food later in the day. Eating to lose weight takes planning.