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how to do ghusl

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  • how to do ghusl

    how to do ghusl
    The obligation in taking a ghusl is to wash the entire body with water with the intention of purification. This can be done in any manner possible, but emulating the way of the Prophet ﷺ is recommended.

    This is the way the Prophet ﷺ took a bath, as described by one of the Mothers of the believers, Maymunah (may Allah be pleased with her): “The Prophet ﷺ placed water for bathing on the ground and then used a handful of water to rub his right hand over his left hand twice or thrice. He then washed his private parts and then beat his hands on the ground or against the wall twice or thrice. Next, he rinsed out his mouth and nose, and washed his face and arms. After that he poured water over his head and then washed the remainder of his body. Finally, he moved aside and washed his feet. Then she said: “Then I offered him a piece of cloth to wipe his body, but he refused (to take it). He wiped the remaining water off his body using his hands.” [ narrated by Al-Bukhari.]

    Thus, the description is as follows:

    1- The hands are washed twice or thrice.

    2- The private parts are washed.

    3- The hands are beaten on the ground or against a wall two or three times.

    4- Wudu’ is performed with the exclusion of the head and feet.

    5- Water is poured on the head

    6- The remaining part of the body is washed.

    7- The legs are washed after moving slightly to the side.