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Quran and Muslims in Global World

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  • Quran and Muslims in Global World

    In the second half of XX century mankind has witnessed an irresistible and irreversible force of globalization covering all spheres of public life and creating a global system of interdependence of countries and peoples in the world. Globalization processes, coupled with the rapid changes in global political and economic systems, have promoted a sharp intensification of global migration.

    As a result of this processes a lot of Muslims emigrated in non-Muslim countries. They are living and working in their new homelands and try to assimilate into the foreign cultures. Sometimes it led to unfortunate results and they forgot about the countries, cultures, and Religion where they had come from. Yet, there are a lot of them who saved their religious identity even though they were living in new culture. The maintenance of Muslim identity includes first of all fulfillments of five pillars of Islam and of cause reading Holy Quran and teaching it to children.

    Muslim communities formed by Muslim emigrants are continually growing in all non-Muslim countries of the world. Though, despite a lot of Masjids in non-Muslim countries there are only a few Quran schools where Muslim children can learn to read Quran.

    Fortunately, our century is not only time of globalization but also time of high technology which is penetrating in all aspects of our life that is why now it is possible for people to take online classes. It means Muslim parents and kids can now easily learn Quran online without having to go anywhere. Everybody with a computer system and an internet connection can now take Quran lessons online from the comfort of their home, and at time and schedule of their own choice.

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