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Pickering Masjid (Toronto) Two day course: Key to the #Quran - March 5-6, 2011

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  • Pickering Masjid (Toronto) Two day course: Key to the #Quran - March 5-6, 2011

    Pickering Masjid - Two day course: Key to the #Quran - March 5-6, 2011 #Islam

    Al-Quran! A revelation so sublime Free from any error, so powerful so divine. A guide, a gift, a companion for all of mankind

    By the mercy of Allah we are proud to present “Key to Quran” a unique study of the required preliminary sciences of Al-Quran, also known as Uloomul Al-Quran.
    All Islamic studies are founded on the Quran and its accurate interpretation. This course offers:
    • A much needed understanding of the history of Quran, from the preserved tablet (Al Lawh ul Mahfooz) to its current form;
    • Affirmation of its perfection from the cave (al Hira) to all of creation;
    • A look at its miraculous preservation;
    • Its modern day application;
    • A step by step guide to its exegesis (Tafseer);
    • Clarity to many complex questions and misunderstandings; and
    • Much more... | Browse index of course topics

    This spiritual classroom experience will help enhance your relationship with the book of Allah by changing the way you read and understand the Quran forever.
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    Who Is this Program for?

    This course caters to brothers and sisters of every level wishing to further their Quranic studies. We are confident that Inshallah this will be amongst the best 101 course’s you will ever take, allowing you to access the plethoric treasures of Al Quran. It will serve as a great asset for parents, teachers, leaders, senior high school, college and university students who aspire to befriend the Quran and pass on its miraculous teachings.
    Why Is this Program Unique?

    In order to maximize the benefit that one can obtain from the topics that have been traditionally discussed under Uloomul Al-Quran from the Revelation until today, our comprehensive curriculum has been carefully crafted by a group of Bukhari specialists, over the duration of an entire year, and later reviewed by a different panel of seven scholars both local and abroad.
    This course has been taught, tried and tested in Calgary AB and Miami USA and have received a 100% satisfactory rating by its attendees. Our instructors have categorized and organized the topics to streamline the program so that the material will address the educational and spiritual needs of our students in the most clear and concise way.
    Furthermore it is a great opportunity to acquire the ‘Key to Quran’ in the presence of seven qualified scholars, who have all devoted their lives solely in the pursuit of Islamic Knowledge. The dynamics of our instructors will offer students multiple methods and interactive styles of learning.
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    The program will be held in a classroom setting for both brothers and sisters at Pickering Islamic Centre 2065 Brock Road Pickering ON L1V 2P8. Seating is limited.

    Wedding or not, this program has been scheduled in a manner that will allow you to carry on with your regular weekend engagements Inshallah. The general timings for the program are as follows:
    • Saturday, March 5th | 10:30 am – 6:00 pm
    • Sunday, March 6th | 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

    Registration will begin 10:00am. A detailed schedule will be e-mailed after confirmed registration. Lunch will be provided both days.

    • Shaykh Ibrahim Madani (Chatham)
    • Mufti Izhar Khan (Miami USA)
    • Shaykh Fayaz Tilly (Calgary)
    • Shaykh Sufyan Chhapra (Guelph)
    • Mufti Abdulmannan Mulla (Chatham)
    • Shaykh Imran Khan (I S M)
    • Shaykh Abubakr Mulla (Scarborough)
    • Shaykh Hassan (Pickering)


    $50* (40% tax deductable) includes:
    • “AN APPROACH TO THE QURANIC SCIENCES” - text book by Mufti Taqi Usmani (533 pages hard cover);
    • Lunch both days provided by Affy’s Premium Grill; and
    • The priceless experience of seeking knowledge in the gathering of learned scholars.

    *$55 after Wednesday, March 2 2011.
    For further inquiries you may contact 905.426.7887 x 2, or e-mail:
    Register Now
    Take the 3 Minute Key-2-Quran Quiz

    Pickering Islamic Centre

    2065 Brock Road North
    Pickering, ON, L1V 4H7
    Pickering Islamic Centre (Masjid Usman)

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