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Recommended Acts of the Two Festive Salats

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  • Recommended Acts of the Two Festive Salats

    1- A man beautifies himself by wearing his best clothes. Concerning women, they are One should go to the place of Salat without any adornment or finery, and they should not wear perfume.

    2- The congregation is to arrive early and occupy the first rows.

    3- One should go to the praying ground through one path and return through another, on foot- if possible; on the authority of Ja’bir , who said: “The Prophet ﷺ used to return (after the Salatul-‘Eid) taking a different path (from that by which he went to the prayer).” [ Source: Al-Bukhari.]

    4- To eat an odd number of dates (3 or 5 dates) before going to pray on the lesser ‘Eid, and not to eat, if it is the greater ‘Eid, until he returns.

    5- It is preferable to delay the Salat of ‘Eidul-fitr in order to allow for the distribution of zakaatul-fitr by the worshippers to whom it is due. As for the Salah of ‘Eid Al-Adha, it should, however, be hastened.
    Source: islamkingdom