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Gaining Concentration When You Pray.

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  • Gaining Concentration When You Pray.

    As-Salaam alaikum,
    You are aware that as-Sallah, the 5 daily/obligatory prayers are among the 5 pillars upon which Islam is built. About Sallah, Allah Ta'ala says, in Surat Muminun of the Holy Qur'an:--

    "Certainly the believers (eventually) must succeed-
    They who humble themselves in their prayers".(23:1-2)

    And in Surat Ankabut, ayat 45, Allah Ta'ala says:--

    "...And establish regular prayer: for verily prayer prevents
    obscene and reprehensive deeds." (29:45)

    To achieve the tremendous good and spiritual benefits in our prayers, we need to possess concentration (Khushu)...or heedfulness during prayer(s)... Sallah. To afford us have relatively high level of khushu during prayers, we should:--

    (1) Always get ourselves into the right frame of mind from the moment that we perform our ablution (wudhu), by reminding ourselves that we are about to take that wonderful journey to meet our Lord, who is eager to listen to us as we pray.
    (2) As you approach your prayer mat... in the Masjid or in your room, take a pause even if it is just for few seconds during the Iqamah (final call to prayer), plant into your mind and firmly believe that Allah Ta'ala... the Lord of the Worlds, is with you, watching and hearing you as you are about to enter His Presence.
    (3) A combination of 1 and 2 above will help us empty our mind from worldly concerns and at least enter our first Raka'a with heedfulness and concentration. Where worldly concerns intrude while we are in Sallah, we should continue to re-establish and maintain this focus in every posture- Standing (qiyam and I'tidal), Ruku'u (bowing), Sujood and Sitting (jalsah)..