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All business is prohibited as soon as the first Adhaan is given

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  • All business is prohibited as soon as the first Adhaan is given

    Aauzo Billaahi Minash Shaitaan Nir Rajim
    Bismillaah Hir Rehman Nir Rahim ; Allah - Beginning With The Name Of - The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.
    Allahumma Salli Alaa Sayideena Muhammad Wa Alaa Aalihi Wa Sahbihi Wa Sallim.

    One cannot recite Durood during the sermon
    When the blessed name of the Holy Prophet is mentioned during the sermon, the listeners should recite Durood in their hearts and they must avoid pronouncing it verbally. The same applies when hearing the names of any of the respected companions . (ibid, P32)

    Listening to the Nikah sermon is Wajib

    Listening to sermons other than the Friday sermon is also Wajib (Eid sermon, Nikah sermon etc.). (dur-e-mukhtaar ma' rad-dul-muhtaar, V3, P32)

    All business is prohibited as soon as the first Adhaan is given

    One must begin his efforts to head towards the Friday Salaah as soon as the first Adhaan is given (this is Wajib) and it is Wajib for him to avoid anything that interferes with these efforts (such as business, trade etc.). In fact, one is not allowed to buy or sell anything even on his way to the Masjid. Trading inside the Masjid is a severe sin. If one is eating and fears he may miss the Friday Salaah if he continues to do so then he must refrain from eating any further and make his way to the Masjid. One should make his way to the Masjid in a dignified manner. (alamgeeri, V1, P149, dur-e-mukhtaar ma' rad-dul-muhtaar, V3, P38)

    Due to a lack of religious knowledge these days, mistakes are made during the Friday sermon as well as during other acts of worship and consequently sins are committed. Therefore, I request every khateeb to read out the following rulings prior to the second Adhaan and before he sits upon the mimbar (pulpit), and consequently earn heaps of reward:
    Haiderium Qalandram Mastam
    Banda e Murtaza Ali Hastam
    Peshwa e tamam Rindanam
    Ke Sag e Koo e Sher e Yazdanam

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    business and other things become forbidden after the second azan not the first one.
    Hadrat Anas Radi ALLAH Taala Anhu reported that the Messenger of Allah Peace And Blessings Be Upon Him has said, “Everything has a heart, and the heart of the Qur’an is Yasin. Allah records anyone who recites Yasin as having recited the Qur’an ten times.”
    [Sunan Tirmidhi, Vol 2, Page 116 - Sunan Daarimi, Vol 2, Page 336]


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      Jub Dam-e-wapasi ho Ya-Allah
      Samne ho Jalwa-e-Mustafa
      Lub pe Ho