By the grace and permission of Allah. This unique and historic event in Holland has come to a close.
It was a great gathering of scholars from Holland, Kuwait and the United States.

Some of the feedback received so far:-

as-salaamu 3alaykum wa ra7matullaahi wa barakaatuhu

Al-7amdulillaah wa Sub7aan Allah, this was an amazing experience!!! I'm not capable enough to express my self in the English language, but...
three days of sitting, listening, coffee, following the reading, fawa-id of Imam Malik, staying awake, coffee, reading the Muwatta', coffee, morning classes, no time for breakfast, coffee, few hours sleep, praying together, listening, coffee, serious students came all for the same goal, no time for breakfast, coffee, Shuyukh: Shaykh Mohammed Daniel with high sanad, coffee, Shaykh Jalal 'Ali Al-Jihani the reader, and guest Shaykh Mohammed Al-Ninowy and (local) Shaykh Al-Bakkali, coffee and in the end an emotional release of delight by the Shuyukh and students after three days of reading of almost 2000 ahaadith, water...
Respect and thanks for our Shaykh Mohammed Daniel who gave us very inspiring lectures and fawa-id of Imam Malik during the reading and in the morning classes and at the end giving us the ijazah of the Muwatta and ijaazaat during the classes. I hope he was on time for his flight because it was very tight with the time schedule at the end and because of that I didn't get the chance to thank him properly. Wa barak Allahu fik wa jazak Allahu Khairen ya Shaykh, I hope Allah is very pleased with you and may He reward you for this amazing experience.
Respect and thanks for our local Shaykh Jalal Al-Jihani who read almost the whole Muwatta in a nice tempo with a nice voice. He made a beautiful difference in reading between the ahaadith and the Qur'an-parts. He did a great job, Jazahu Allahu Khairen.
As Harun mentioned there was a great blessing in the fact that we could not follow the program we planned due to circumstances and because of that we could finished the Muwatta, Allah is the Best Planner, Subhan Allah!
This Maqra'ah was an historical event for Holland and was a great blessing from Allah and all praises and thanks belongs to Him and I ask Allah to give Tawfiq to our shuyukh and students, aamin.Zakariya -abutasnim

All praise be to Allah that we (my wife and i) had the opertunity to join this event, to praise Allah and remind ourselfs of the sunnah of our beloved messenger s.a.w. It is hard to describe the feeling sitting there, listening, learning and spending the weekend with such serious and kind fellow Muslims. I hope to see all of you again soon on another event insha'Allah. May Allah reward the shuyukh as well as the brothers who organised this event. May Allah reward all of you with paradise insha'Allah. You did a great job! Tariq -tariqdevlieger

To read the schedule of the event, please click Imam Malik ibn Anas (RA) 3-Day Retreat in Holland full recital of Muwatta with scholars