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Fasting during the Holy month of Rajab

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  • Fasting during the Holy month of Rajab

    Fasting during the Holy month of Rajab

    Rajab is a very blessed month. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s) said: “The month of Rajab is the month of Allah. The month of Shaban is my month and the month of Ramadan is for my Ummah.”
    1. Whosoever fasts one day in the month of Rejab purely seeking the pleasure of Allah, will receive Allah’s Redha (pleasure, reward).
    2. Whosoever fasts two days in the month of Rejab there will be no one in the heavens or the earth to judge how much honour they have - only Allah will know.
    3. Whosoever fasts for three days in the month of Rajab, Allah (s.w.t.) will create a barrier for them against the fires of hell.
    4. Whosoever fasts for four days in the month of Rajab, Allah (s.w.t) will protect them from madness, leprosy, skin diseases and fitnah dajal (slander without proof).
    5. Whosoever fasts seven days in the month of Rajab, Allah (s.w.t.) will close all the doors of hell for them.
    6. Whosoever fasts eight days in the month of Rajab, Allah (s.w.t.) will open all the doors of the heaven to them.
    7. Whosoever fasts ten days in the month of Rajab, they will not have to ask Allah (s.w.t.) for anything for He will give them more then they desire.
    8. Whosoever fasts fifteen days in the month of Rajab, Allah (s.w.t.) will forgive all their past deeds and change all their bad deeds into good deeds.
    9. Sayyidina Ayesha (r.a.) reported that the Holy prophet (s.a.w.s.) said: “whosoever fasts continually in the month of Rajab, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Allah (s.w.t.) will write down for each day the reward of 900 years of accepted worship.
    10. Whosoever fasts on the 27th of Rajab Allah (s.w.t.) will write down the reward for them of 27 years of worship.
    11. Sayyidina Ayesha (r.a.) reported from the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s): “All the people on the Day of Judgement will be suffering from hunger and thirst except those who are from the prophets families and those who are fasting Rajab, Shaban and Ramadan. They will feel full and satisfied from thirst and hunger.”

    Special Prayers during the Month of Rajab

    On the first Thursday of Rajab there is a sunnah prayer between Isha and midnight that consists of 12 raka’s done in pairs (i.e. after each two raka’s you must give salams).
    In each raka you must recite Al-Fatiha x 1, Surat-ul-Qadr x 3, and Surat-ul-Ikhlas x 3. After you have finished you must recite salawat x 70.
    Then make sujud (prostration) and while in sujud recite 70 x Subbuuhan qadduusun rabbul malaaikati warrah.
    After this when you are sitting recite 70 x Rabbighfir warham wa tajaawaz’amma ta’lamu inaka antal-a-azzul akramu then make your dua.
    Then make sujud one more time and once again recite Subbuhan qaddusun rabbul Malaakati waarah a few times and make your dua again.

    The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s) has said: “There is no one who prays this prayer that Allah Almighty does not forgive their sins even if they are as many as all the bubbles in the sea, as many as the grains of sand in the deserts, as heavy as the mountains and as many as the leaves on all the trees and Allah will give them the sufa'it (power, gift) to bring 700 of their family to the paradise on the Day of Judgement even though they were supposed to go to hell.”

    Laylat ul-Isra (the 27th of Rajab): This is the night when the Holy prophet was taken up to the heavens to meet his Lord Allah Almighty. It is also known as the night of Ascension. It is the practise of the learned ones to pray 20 rakats between Magrib and Isha. This prayer can be prayed either 2 raka’s or 4 raka’s at a time reciting 20 surah ul-Ikhlas in each rakat. When finished you should recite out loud 100 Istighfar and 100 salawat sharifah.

    The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s) said “On this night 70,000 angels descend with Allah’s mercy and nur (light) searching for houses whose occupants are awake and engaged in Dhikr. The angels are then commanded to pour Allah’s mercy and blessings upon such houses and their occupants."
    My dear ALLAH when I loose hope, Help me to remember that, your love is greater than my disappointments & your plans For my life are better than my dreams..

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    jazakAllah sis
    میں نےجو کیا وہ برا کیا،میں نے خود کو خود ہی تباہ کیا

    جو تجھے پسند ہو میرے رب،مجھے اس ادا کی تلاش ہے


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      Jazakallah sis