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Itikaaf Arrangement in Makkah with Eaalim Travel

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  • Itikaaf Arrangement in Makkah with Eaalim Travel

    Asslamu alaykum, brothers and sisters I run tour business in Saudi Arabia and I have found that many people want to come for Umrah and Itikaaf but they should pay a lot of money for travel agents to do Umrah and also some of them don't need to stay in these hotels they paid for because they are going to be in the holy masjids for Itikaaf therefore we created a package called "Itikaaf Arrangement" to help people to save their money, we will arrange their Itikaaf in Almasjidul haram in Makkah for 10 days per day we charge them only 19 GBP
    We will provide them the following services:
    1- A Locker for passport, money and travel documents
    2- A Pillow, sheet and small blanket
    3- Meal delivery (Only dinner & sahur meal) for 10 days
    4- Laundry
    So please help us to spray this message so maybe some people will be able to attend and you get the ajr (reward) from ALLAH for helping Muslims to save their money.
    Note: We don't arrange Umrah visas one should find a way to get the Umrah visa before booking with us.
    Our website:
    Phone in UK: 02081233393