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  • Hassan1953
    If you want to creat a record it is o.k but not for Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala s' sake.

    I recall a Hadeeth " Hazreth Mohammed was sitting in Kaaba when he saw a man came to Kaaba holding the reign of the camel in his hand and he was footwear less. Hazreth Mohammed said why are coming walking when you have a camel to ride and naked feet in the hot sun when sand is burning your feet.

    The man replied to Hazreth Mohammed that he had intended ( mannat /offering) to do so when a specific problem is solved and doning for the Sake of Allah SWT.( to make Him happy )

    Hazreth said that there is no necessity to take such trouble in the hot sun and with a ride avaiable as Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala has provided you with all faciltity and moreover He would not approve also. But in turn you use the camel and perform the Ummrah/ visit to Ka'aba and be thankful to your Creator.

    That means if one is having all facility to travel easily and offer Ummrah Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala will be pleased.

    This is only thinking aloud in the light of above rawath.

    May Allah SWT accept your Ummrah. Aameen.
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  • misbah12
    It is difficult, but one of the Turkish cyclists has done it.

    Why not him?

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  • qamarep
    started a topic UMRA by cycle

    UMRA by cycle

    i live in pakistan I want to go to saudi arabia and perform Umra by cycle