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The need of the slave for Allah (the Exalted)

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  • The need of the slave for Allah (the Exalted)

    A slave of Allah needs a sanctuary and a retreat with whom he finds security from distress and grief. Man has been created as such and he therefore needs his Lord in every condition he may experience, working to gain His pleasure for he will undoubtedly meet Him.Allah is so generous with His slaves that He allowed them to know Him.If man feels this need for Allah, carries out the duties that have been laid on him, is confident of what Allah has in store for him and also patient with what He decrees for him, Allah makes him a prominent leader among his people, followed by others:“And We made from among them leaders guiding by Our command when they were patient and [when] they were certain of Our signs"(As¬-Sajdah: 24).So Allah made patience and certitude a reason to gain leadership in religion.All creatures have a natural propensity to be connected and close to the Creator (mighty and majestic is He) and also have a natural propensity to love those who are generous to them and grant them favours, and that is Almighty Allah.All provisions other than Iman are transitory, and any support and aid other than Allah will collapse.source: islamkingdom